October 30, 2017








Show 1 - Wednesday 15th November 2017 - 16:00-16:45 hrs.

Show 2 - Thursday 16th November 2017 - 18:00-18:45 hrs.

Show 3 - Friday 17th November 2017 - 16:00-16:45 hrs.

Masterclass - Friday 17th November 2017 - 19:00-21:00 hrs.



Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Level 5, Auditorium


Ticket price:

350 BAHT







About the show:


Body. Desire. Sexuality. Movement.


The body is an archive of memory, and spills it around consciously/subconsciously. Every gesture, every silence, every image has a life. This work is an interrogation between subjectivity and movement. The memories are personal but the histories are shared. These histories break into images, but live in movements. In fact, they are both interwoven so densely that we don't know if the movement is to pull the personal and the shared apart or to tie them further. What we do know, is that the body desires. Is this desire a social construct? Does the body respond to the slightest provocation, or does the body provoke? We question the concept of the body itself, introducing digital landscapes and virtual images which converse, struggle and negotiate with each other, creating a complex experience. Trigger warning is not about what you see, for the images don't require discretion- they don't disturb you, they are not graphic; but amidst the proliferation of mo(ve)ments in this performance, we don't know which one will unsettle you, offend you, trigger you.


The performance has five episodes- they are not pieces of a puzzle, they are visions of an ever changing landscape- dreams of a never ending slumber, sweat of a never stopping Sisyphus.


About the artist:


Aastha Gandhi (Choreographer, Performer)

Aastha Gandhi is a trained Odissi dancer by Guru Pratibha Jena Singh in Guru Surendranath Jena’s style of Odissi since 2000. She has participated in performance festivals in Hong Kong (2006), Australia (2008), Japan (2008), France (2014) and Singapore (2015) as a dancer and a master class trainer. Along with classical dance, she experiments and explores other means of investigating movement such as performance- space, city- space and text. Her choreographic- work includes But… on the box. (2007), Between the lines (2013), We… Women. (2015) and We..Women //: Trigger Warning (2017).


A performance researcher, she is currently pursuing a PhD in Performance Studies from School of Arts & Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.


Ankush (Dramaturg, Sound Artist)

Ankush is an artist who is interested in the ‘process’ which spans beyond the ‘events’ of curation and performance. Through conversations between various mediums including music, literature, theatre, cinema and photography, they explore themes of identity and survival which brings their ouevre face to face with the political struggles of their times. Their performances like ‘entshuldigung Sie Madam, aber ich bin shwulz’ (Berlin, 2016), ‘We…Women’ (New Delhi, 2015), ‘Kya Haseen Sitam…’(New Delhi, 2014),  and ‘Chand Roz Aur Meri Jaan’ (Lahore, 2013) interweave complex personal narratives with a constantly changing world  where identities become matrices. Memory becomes an important element of this process- the resonances, the afterimage, the ‘rasa’. Following artists like John Cage, Ankush is interested in the ideas of ‘chance’ , ‘collateral’ and letting go of the control over an artwork. They are currently pursuing their PhD with music and gender as their focus. 


Production Manager/ Video Installation:

Shivani Monga, Najmus Saqib


Light Design:

Neal Kartik


Poster & Set Design:

Nimit Gandhi


Camera & Graphics:

Nitendra Singh


Process Collaborators:

Sheena Velayudhan, Ruchika Sharma


Artist contact: 










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