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Applications for BTF2019

Introducing Bangkok Theatre Festival 2019 BANGKOK THEATRE FESTIVAL is an annualindependenttheatre event startingfrom 2002, organized by local theatre artists called BANGKOK THEATRE NETWORK. Until present,the festival is supported by Bangkok Arts and Cultures Centre (BACC)and all artists through membership fee and application fee and also partly supported by other organizations.

BTF is open for all friends who love theatre including professional theatre companies, established artists, young directors and amateur theatre groups. International theatre practitioners are also welcome. However, this year the festival is facing a critical situation due to lack of financial support compared to previous years. Due to this, all artists, local and international, who wish to participate in the festival this year have to contribute more than in the past. Due to the nature of the network comprising almost solely of artists, and no resident arts managers, eachyear the local members of BTNtakesturn to be the producing team to make this festival stay unique, fun and creative. As artists, we do our best every year to make sure this festival is always active and we will support your needs as much as possible. Please feel free to ask more questions. See more details in the Application requirements

Hope to see you in BTF2019


Applications for BTF2019 ( ใบสมัครเทศกาลละครกรุงเทพ 2019 ) International Program: Click Here Studio4 Selected Program : Click Here Studio4 Youth&Universities Program : Click Here Room 401 Mini Box : Click Here Room 501 Youth,Kids and Family : Click Here Other Venues : Click Here

สงสัยเกี่ยวกับใบสมัคร โทร 0897541505

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