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Talk to me and I slap you : An interactive performance

:: Talk to me and I slap you ::

An interactive performance Created by Chan Sze-Wei (SG) and Gabriela Serani (CL) Performed by Gabriela Serani one of Democrazy’s International Program 2018 ---------------------------------- Fri - Sun, 2-4 March 2018 8pm. at Democrazy Theatre Studio (60 minutes, no intermission) ---------------------------------- The one who loves you hits you. The one who hits you loves you. The one who loves you hurts you. This is a piece about relationships, unfortunately. (We can’t get away from them.) One woman, one chair, one microphone. And a chair opposite her, for you. In an intimate conversation, she lays her cards on the table: talk to her, and she might (really) slap you. Playing on the anticipation of what happens when a theatre audience talks back, this piece threads together live audience encounters with funny and frightening stories of loneliness, domestic violence, authority, gender, and sensuality. "a perfect mirror to the hopeless shortcomings of our present social condition." - Theatrestück “[Gabriela] has a unique and individual performance quality with a sense of intrigue, mystery and wonder.” Debbi Purtill, UK choreographer “Sze-Wei demonstrated herself as an artist with strong and brave visions.” – Noor Effendy Ibrahim on Do Gorillas Peel Bananas? by Chan Sze-Wei This is an encounter rather than a spectacle. Seated in the round, the audience is a group witness. The performer waits, for you. You are invited to a series of intimate one-to-one conversations in playfulness, dancing, sadness, silence… and a collective journey to confront fear, violence, love and a moment of real human connection. With the support of: National Arts Council The Substation Created and premiered in residency at the FAKI Alternative Theatre Festival, Zagreb 2016 ............................................... Ticket Price At the door: 500 THB. Transfer: 450 THB. Tickets available at FB: democrazystudio and this event (write down your name and how many seats you want) How To Transfer to Theater account: BKK bank: 036 0035 984 KBank: 710 2524 351 SCB: 403 3107 100 Account name: Pavinee S. Take a picture of your slip and send message to Democrazy Theatre Studio with your name, what's date of performance and how many seat. And wait for our reply. *Booking without payment is not considered a confirmed seat.


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